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New models from Fiat coming soon - 2/12/2010

After the small car launches from the Volkswagen and Nissan stable in 2010, Fiat will now come out with its own small car in 2011-12.

After tasting success with the Linea and the Punto, Italian auto major Fiat is busy working on a small car.

No, itís not going to compete against the Nano but it will be positioned between the Nano and Grand Punto with a price tag of around Rs 4 lakh. The company is currently considering various engine options right from 900 cc to 1200 cc for the small car.

Silverio Bonfiglioli, COO of Fiat Group International, said, ďOne vehicle that you can sell is in the Rs 3-4.5 lakh category, one vehicle that is above the Nano and the 800 and that can compete with existing cars. I think there is a space for our company to have a car that has convenient price and value proposition."

For now, the focus is on launching powerful Linea's and Grande Puntos but the real volumes will kick in in 2011-12, once the small car below the Grande Punto hits the market. That's why the company is eyeing to sell 2,00,000 cars by 2012 with an aim of achieving 7-8 per cent market share.

But FIAT LCVs and premium cars are still sometime away.

" The ideal time for LCV launch is 2012-2014," said Bonfiglioli.

Meanwhile, the company will continue to build its network and manufacturing capabilities to create its own market in India and a strong base for exports of small cars.


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