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International Organizations

ACS - Slovenia
Dimiceva 9, SI-1000 Ljubljana,
Phone +386.
Fax +386.

AFIA - Portugal
Rua do Crasto 190, P-4150-241 Porto
Phone +351.226.171.668
Fax +351.226.101.877

AGORIA- Belgium
Bd. A. Reyers 80, B-1030 Brussels
Phone +32.2.706.79.70
Fax +32.2.706.79.76

ANFIA - Italy
Corso Galileo Ferraris 61 , I-10128 Torino
Phone +
Fax +39.011.545.464

AUTIG - Denmark
Kirkevej 1-3, DK-2630 Taastrup
Phone +
Fax +

FIEV - France
79 rue J.J. Rousseau, F-92158 Suresnes
Phone +
Fax +

ILEA - Luxembourg
7, Rue Alcide de Gasperi, BP 1304, LU-1013 Luxembourg
Phone +352.43.53.661
Fax +352.43.23.28

MAJOSZ - Hungary
Bßrtfai u. 5/b., H-1119 Budapest
Phone +36 1 203 8144
Fax +36 1 203 8144

RAI - The Nederlands
P.O. Box 74800, NL-1070 DM Amsterdam
Phone +31.20.504.49.49
Fax +31.20.646.38.57

SAS - Sweden
Bror Nilssons gata 4, SE-417 55 G÷teborg
Phone +46.31.711.89.01
Fax +46.31.711.89.04

Castellˇ 120, E-28006 Madrid
Phone +34.91.562.10.41
Fax +34.91.561.84.37

Forbes House ľ Halkin Street, GB-London SW1X 7DS
Phone: +44 20 7235 7000
Fax: +44 20 7235 7112

VDA - Germany
Westendstra▀e 61 , Postfach 17 05 63
D-60079 Frankfurt/Main
Phone +49.69.975.07.266
Fax +49.69.975.07.237

AAM - Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers
Represents car and light truck manufacturers in the US.

ACAP - Associacao do Comercio Automovel de Portugal (Portugal)
Represents all vehicle manufacturers who work in the Portuguese Market.

ACEA - Association des Constructeurs EuropiŔns d'Automobiles
Represents 13 major European car, truck and bus manufacturers in the EU.

ADEFA - Asociacion de Fabricas de Automotores (Argentina)
Represents all major automotive manufacturers in Argentina.

AGORIA - Automotive
Represents the Belgian Automotive industry, which includes the manufacturers of cars, buses and trucks as well as the automotive suppliers.

AHAI - Association of the Hungarian Automotive Industry (Hungary)
Represents Hungarian automotive factories and multi-national firms settled down in the country.

AIA-SAP - Automotive Industry Association (Czech Republic)
Industrial grouping of manufacturing and commercial companies which make up the Czech automotive and allied industries.

AIAG - Automobile Industry Action Group
International non-profit organisation of OEM's and suppliers.

AIAM - Association of International Automotive Manufacturers
Represents automobile companies that import or manufacture motor vehicles in the United States.

AMVIR - Association of Motor Vehicle Importers Representatives (Greece)
Represents companies that import and distribute new passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, vans, lorries, buses and motorcycles on an exclusive basis in Greece.

ANFAC - Asociaciˇn Espa˝ola de Fabricantes de Automˇviles y Camiones (Spain)
Spanish Association of Vehicle Manufacturers.

ANFAVEA - Associašao Nacional dos Fabricantes de VeÝculos Automotores (Brazil)
Association of Vehicle Manufacturers of Brazil.

ANFIA - Associazione Nazionale fra Industrie Automobilistiche (Italy)
Italian Association of Automotive Industries.

API - American Petroleum Institute
Trade association representing the U.S. petroleum industry.

APPEA - Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association
Representative of the oil and gas exploration and production industry in Australia.

ARA - Automotive Recyclers Association
International trade association which represents the industry dedicated to the efficient removal and reuse of automotive parts and the safe disposal of inoperable motor vehicles.

Australian Electric Vehicle Association
Non-profit association comprising of individuals and organisations interested in the development, manufacture, sale or use of electric vehicles and their components.

BIL - Bilindustrief÷reningen (Sweden)
Represents manufacturers and importers of cars, trucks and buses in Sweden.

CAPP - Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers
Represents companies who explore, develop and produce natural gas, crude oil, oil sands and elemental sulphur in Canada.

CCFA - ComitŔ des Constructeurs Franšais d'Automobiles (France)
French Association of Vehicle Manufacturers.

CLEPA- European Association of Automotive Suppliers
European umbrella membership organisation for the global Automotive Supply industry.

CVMA - Canadian Vehicle Manufacturer's Association (Canada)
Industry association representing Canada's manufacturers of light and heavy duty motor vehicles.

DBI - De Danske Bilimportorer (Denmark)
Industry association of car importers in Denmark.

EGARA - European Group of Automotive Recycling Associations
Umbrella organisation for the national associations of automotive recyclers in Europe.

Energy Institute
International professional body for the energy industries.

EOFA - The European Fuel Oxygenates Association
Association dedicated to the responsible usage and the promotion of chemical ether fuel oxygenates as components of gasoline.

EUROMOTOR - European Motor Industry Training Network
Network and partnership of European car manufacturers, suppliers and universities created to improve the knowledge base of the European motor industry through technical collaborative training.

EVAA - Electric Vehicle Association of the Americas
Industry association dedicated to advancing electric drive as a core technology on the road to sustainable mobility.

FEBIAC - Federation Belge de le Industrie de le Automobile et du Cycle (Belgium)
Represents the interests of Belgium-based manufacturers, importers and suppliers in all areas of road transport - cars, commercial vehicles, motorized two-wheelers and bicycles.

FFO - Fachverband der Fahrzeugindustrie Ísterreichs (Austria)
The Association of the Austrian Vehicle Industry is a corporation under public law and represents by law the interests of the holders of a trading licence of the vehicle industry.

IANGV - International Association of Natural Gas Vehicles
International association that provides a focus for exchange and provision of information, and a medium for action on NGV issues.

IBP - Brazilian Petroleum Institute
Private, non-profit organisation that promotes the development of the Brazilian petroleum industry.

IPA - Indonesian Petroleum Association
Industry association that represents energy companies in Indonesia.

JAMA - Japanese Automobile Manufacturers Association (Japan)
Non-profit trade association for Japanese car, truck, bus and motorcycle manufacturers.

KAMA - Korea Automobile Manufacturers Association (Korea)
Non-profit organization, representing the interests of automakers in Korea.

LP Gas Association
Non-profit making association that represents the major LP gas companies in the UK.

OICA - Organisation Internationale des Constructeurs d'Automobiles
International Association of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers.

OSD - Automotive Manufacturers Association (Turkey)
Trade association that represents the Turkish automotive industry in the European Union.

RMA - Rubber Manufacturers Association
US Trade association for the rubber products industry. It represents over 100 companies that manufacture various rubber products.

SAPIA - South African Petroleum Industry Association
Represents the petroleum industry in South Africa.

Scandinavian Automotive Suppliers
National non-profit association of automotive suppliers

SIAM - Association of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (India)
Represents vehicle and vehicular engine manufacturers in India.

SMMT - Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders
UK trade association for the motor industry.

SPE - Society of Petroleum Engineers
International trade association whose members worldwide are engaged in energy resources development and production.

TIA - Tire Industry Association (International)
Trade association that represents all segments of the tire industry, including those that manufacture, repair, recycle, sell or service tires.

VDA - German Association of the Automotive Industry
Association between manufacturers and suppliers of automobiles, trailers, body superstructures and containers.

World Petroleum Council
International association dedicated to the application of scientific advances in the oil and gas industries.

AA - Automobile Association (UK)
The AA and The AA Motoring Trust provide expert knowledge and advice on transport issues that are respected by the public, safety experts and the Government.

AAA - American Automobile Association
Non-profit national federation of automotive clubs.

Environmental Transport Association, UK
Climate-neutral motoring organisation concerned with raising awareness of the impact of excessive car use.

FIA - Federation Internationale de l'Automobile
International, non-profit making association which represents over 100 million motorists on issues such as safety, mobility and consumer law. It is also the governing body of motorsport.

RAC - Royal Automobile Club, UK
The RAC Foundation for Motoring is established to promote the environmental, economic, mobility and safety issues relating to use of motor vehicles.

European Professional Associations

European Trade Associations

Japanese Associations

Mexican Trade Associations


Trade Associations

Automotive Industry Action Group
The Automotive Industry Action Group is a globally recognized organization founded in 1982 by a group of visionary managers from DaimlerChrysler, Ford Motor Company, and General Motors. The purpose: To provide an open forum where members cooperate in developing and promoting solutions that enhance the prosperity of the automotive industry. AIAG's focus is to continuously improve business processes and practices involving trading partners throughout the supply chain.

Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) 
SPE has become the recognized medium of communication amongst scientists and engineers engaged in the development, conversion and applications of plastics. It is truly an international Society since a significant number of its members reside outside the United States.

Society of the Plasitcs Industry Inc. (SPI)
the Society of the Plastics Industry, Inc. is the trade association representing the fourth-largest manufacturing industry in the United States

World Trade Organization

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum (APEC) Secretariat

APEC Automotive Dialogue Web Site

Association of SouthEast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Secretariat

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)

United Nations Conference on Trade & Development

U.S.-ASEAN Business Council -- Automotive Section

American Enterprise Institute (AEI)

International Institute for Economics (IIE)

Free Trade Area of the Americas Secretariat (FTAA)

United Nations Economic Commission for Europe -- World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations (WP.29)

Pacific Basin Economic Council (PBEC)

Pacific Economic Cooperation Council (PECC)


ADD National Center for APEC

World Economic Forum

Source : International Federation of Automotive Engineering Societies


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